Sonya Robinson

City Administration
Title: City Secretary
Phone: 361-782-3122 ext. 301

City Secretary Sonya Robinson serves as secretary to the City Council, the city's Human Resources Officer and Office Manager. She is the custodian of the official city seal, maintains the city's records management program, custodian of all official records of the City Council, including agendas, minutes, ordinances, resolutions, contracts, deeds, etc. as well as agendas and minutes of those of the Planning & Zoning Commission. Sonya Robinson serves as the Elections Administrator of the City and oversees the conduct of city elections. The City Secretary assures that official documents in her custody are available for inspection by any citizen, any representative of any organization, or any representative of the press or media at all reasonable times and under all reasonable regulations established by law. The City Secretary is also charged with carrying out the duties established by the Home Rule Charter and local ordinances, as well as applicable state and federal laws. 


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