Planning & Zoning Commission


The Planning and Zoning Commission is composed of five, but not more than 15 members, all of whom shall be residents of Edna. Members are appointed by the City Council for three-year terms and serve without compensation.

Present Planning and Zoning Commission members are:

  • Chris Lundstrom (Chairman)
  • Julie Garza   (Vice Chairman)
  • Mindy Yendrey
  • Delia Tomanek
  • Elizabeth Sommerfeld
  • Timothy Gonzales
  • Leighton Smith

Duties & Responsibilities

Established in accordance with Article VIII of the City Charter, the Planning and Zoning Commission (aka the City Planning Commission) has the following responsibilities:

  • Conduct public hearings regarding zoning changes
  • Make recommendations to City Council for or against zoning changes
  • Review and approve preliminary and final plats for all subdivisions in accordance with subdivision and other ordinances
  • In conjunction with subdivision plat approvals, require necessary dedications for future or planned street right of ways, alleys, sidewalks, easements, etc.
  • Review and approve site plans submitted
  • Keep Land Use Plan in mind when making decisions regarding zoning or subdivision plans
  • Make recommendations to City Council regarding changes on amendments to Zoning Ordinances and Subdivision Ordinances